Shakezpeare – 50|50 #EP @Shakezpeare @DrGProductionz @ParkStreetPR

Shakezpeare – 50|50 (Produced by Dr. G)

50|50 is a six track EP from Coventry rapper Shakezpeare and Manchester’s Dr G. This is a release to get you warmed up for the long awaited project ProblemChildGrownUp which drops next year. The release has already been featured in Bandcamp’s best selling releases and we’re sure that 50|50 will impress. Hip-Hop is in the building…

Shakezpeare – 50|50 (Produced by Dr. G) Track-list:
1. Chosen
2. Lord Have Mercy Feat. Rap P & Ghost One
3. They Acting Like Feat. Dark-A-Brown
4. Gas
5. RollerCoaster
6. Outro

best selling releases
Shakezpeare is a Coventry rapper who has been consistently releasing music for the last few years. His raw, undiluted sound has led to him gaining support in all corners of the UK as well as Europe and USA. He has featured on tracks alongside Rap P from New York, Genesis Elijah, Novar FLIP, as well as working with Dr. G on his forthcoming album ‘Problem Child Grown Up’.

He has shared stages with the likes of Skinnyman, Tony D, P Money, Malik MD7, Reveal, Wordsmiff, Redbeard and many more, as well as touring with Wu Tang and Wisemen rapper/producer Bronze Nazareth and Detroit’s Rocknrollaz. Shakezpeare always delivers an electric performance and in 2016 has already been chosen as an official support act for Killah Priest’s UK tour in May. As well as being a respected solo artist Shakezpeare runs Snakeyez TV, a media channel that supports underground music with freestyles, interviews and music videos.

Shakezpeare is currently working with the talented UK producer Roll Blunt and Wu/Wisemen’s Bronze Nazareth on a forthcoming project, as well as being an official support act for Killah Priest’s 2016 UK Tour.

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Shakezpeare – You’re Lying (Freestyle)

Shakezpeare Feat. Genesis Elijah & Samaro Phox – Born Kings

Shakezpeare – Top Boy (Produced by Dr G)

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Shakezpeare’s latest album ‘Narcissus’ produced by Dr. G

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Trademark Blud – Flip Life TV Freestyle #Video #FLTV @TrademarkBlud @FlipLifeTV @ParkStreetPR

So what have RA The Rugged Man, Novar FLIP, Mic Righteous, Stig Of The Dump, Fliptrix, Termanology, Dubbledge, Mystro, Akala, YEAO, Ruthless, Terra Slim, Big Dutty Deeze, Genesis Elijah, Rewd Adams, Ragz Sweet Jones, Big Cakes, Logic, Iron Braydz, Stylah, Jehst, Wordsmiff, Dead Prez, Big Ben, Graziella, Remus, Sonnyjim, Jaja Soze and Wordsmiff all got in common? They all feature on Flip Life TV… and now added to the list is one of the best rappers to ever come from the Midlands – TRADEMARK BLUD!!!

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Trademark Blud – The Demon (Prod by Rediculus) #Video

Trademark Blud – Blud On The Brain EP (Prod by Rediculus) – download link:

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Trademark Blud – Blud On The Brain EP @TrademarkBlud @Rediculus @PlatformzMusic @ParkStreetPR

Trademark Blud – The Demon (Prod by Rediculus) #Video

Trademark Blud – Blud On The Brain
01 – Not Dead Yet
02 – Applied Rhyme
03 – PMA
04 – Sin-Thesis Synthesis
05 – Fathers For Justice
06 – The Demon
07 – 42
08 – Things Aint Always What They Seem

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Thought Foundry – Ready For This #EP @Rediculus @DaFlik @PlatformzMusic @ParkStreetPR


Thought Foundry is the newest offering from Platformz Records, the label founded by producer and tech CEO Rediculus. The label is associated with his mobile music app Platformz, which allows users to stream music from multiple streaming sites in one app.

The project titled “Ready For This” is four strong songs covering what lyricist Konflik sees as “things that motivate me to do better”. Questioning everything from the influence of religion on his life and the lives of those around him to ways to enjoy partying, this EP takes us on a musical journey of how Konflik and Rediculus see the world at large and the ways they cope with its effects on them.

From the opening drum licks of “Good Times” to the deep brooding guitars and organs on “Silver”, Rediculus provides the perfect backdrop for Konflik to lace his smooth flow over and ‘Flik doesn’t disappoint as he matches it with thought provoking lyrics and memorable hooks.

Thought Foundry – Wishful Thinking #Video

Thought Foundry – Ready For This #EP (Track-list):
01. Good Times
02. Chillwitchu
03. Silver
04. Wishful Thinking

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Sonnyjim – Live @ The Bonanza (Prod. by Micall Parknsun) Video/EP @Sonnyjim01 @MicallParknsun @EatgoodRecords @ParkStreetPR

The full EP is out now and can be purchased digitally from iTunes, Bandcamp and all other digital retailers.



Curtis Williams – Zip Skylark EP

Novar FLIP – The Hooligan’s Back #EP #Video @NovarFLIP @FlipLifeTV @ParkStreetPR


‘This is a future classic’
‘A straight-up UK anthem’
‘Quality from start to finish’

Novar FLIP – The Hooligan’s Back (Track-list):
01 – Intro (To Be Continued) (Prod. by Dead Man Walkn)
02 – The Hooligans Back (Prod. by Danny Bones)
03 – Boss Of Who? (Prod. by Dead Man Walkn)
04 – We’re Soldiers (Prod. by Dead Man Walkn)
05 – The Streets Know My Name (Prod. by Dead Man Walkn)
06 – Don’t Cry Feat. Danny Bones (Prod. by Danny Bones)

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Novar FLIP – The Hooligan’s Back #Video

Novar FLIP – The Hooligan’s Back #EP

Conscious Route – CCF Volume 2 So Seductive #EP #Video @ConsciousRoute @TrueHoldRecords @ParkStreetPR


1. So Seductive
2. Bitter Sweet Ft Tickle
3. Troublesome Times Ft Chad the Lad, Werd
4. Conscious Ft Mistah Biggz
5. Cutting Nae Slack Ft Ciaran Mac
6. Death Bed ft Braxton
7. kill the Individual
8. Vindictive Ft Freestyle Master

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